Your kids can practice, watch other kids playing and relax with new tennis buddies. Just sign up for one of our TRYOUTS and have all the fun!


Your little tennis nuts will gain experience. Even more important they’ll compete with other kids at the same age in a great atmo- sphere.


The best kids of every TRYOUT will win complimentary training lessons with renowned tennis instructors and schools – provided by our SPONSORS.


With every hour playing tennis your kids will gain confidence. Even when they are not winning they will see what’s possible which will give additional motivation.

Tennis Wunderkinder Videos

Please watch in full screen!


 What is Tennis-Wunderkind?

We are a NONPROFIT Corporation with generous supporters. We want to encourage gifted tennis kids to keep it going.


 Meet the Pros!

There are many former and current professional tennis players involved in this endeavor. Maybe you will even meet one of your heroes at one of our events.

  Why participate?

There is nothing to loose! Your kid(s) and you can only win. In best case you will win a scholarship or another prize – in worst case you will make new friends and gain experience. That’s a lot – in every case!



Every TRYOUT will be captured. The final video will be broadcasted on TENNIS CHANNEL. This will give your kid even more precious exposure.

– Sponsor –
Tennis is the sport of a lifetime!
Our goal is to find and support future tennis pros, maybe even the next Serena Williams or Roger Federer.